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Porters Lawyers represents numerous former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members who endured abuse during their recruit training across the Army, Navy, and Air Force. We are actively litigating against the Commonwealth of Australia on their behalf, seeking justice for the severe sexual and physical abuses inflicted by fellow recruits, ADF personnel, and officers.

The team at Porters Lawyers understand all facets of institutional abuse cases, having advocated for, and defended the rights of, survivors for over 20 years. 

We work tirelessly to explain our clients’ legal rights in a supportive and compassionate manner, with a view to calling to account those who are guilty of wrongdoing and cover ups and obtaining the compensation that our clients are entitled to according to law. 

Our team is committed to travelling anywhere in Australia or abroad to ensure that the voices of survivors are heard. If you or a loved one has experienced sexual abuse whilst serving in any area of the Australian Defence Force as a child recruit or apprentice, please contact Porters Lawyers for a confidential discussion.

Locations of abuse2024-04-02T14:00:11+00:00
  • Australian Army Barracks, Holsworthy NSW
  • HMAS Cereebus
  • HMAS Leeuwin, Fremantle NSW
  • HMAS Nirimba, Quaker’s Hill NSW
  • HMAS Queenborough
  • RAAF base, Edinburgh NSW
  • RAAF base, Wagga Wagga NSW

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