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Australian Defence Force

Porters Lawyers acts for a large number of former members of the Australian Defence Force who suffered abuse during their recruit (or ‘training’) phase within the Australian Army, Royal Australia Navy and Royal Australian Air Force.
We are currently taking action against the Commonwealth of Australia on behalf of our clients for injuries they sustained following horrific sexual and physical abuse perpetrated upon them by fellow recruits, ordinary members and even officers of the Australian Defence Force.
The Defence Abuse Response Taskforce (“DART”) was established on 26 November 2012 as part of the Australian Government’s response to a review into allegations of abuse in the Australian Defence Forces.
The complaints raised countless allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, physical abuse, bullying and harassment by other junior recruits, staff members sponsors who hosted recruits granted leave and members of officers of the Australian Defence Force.
Our investigations have revealed that numerous recruits suffered sexual and/or physical abuse during their training at:

  • HMAS Leeuwin, Fremantle, WA
  • HMAS Nirimba, Quaker’s Hill, NSW
  • HMAS Queenborough
  • RAAF Base, Edinburgh, SA
  • RAAF Base, Wagga Wagga, NSW, and
  • Australian Army Barracks, Holsworthy, NSW

Our investigation make it clear that young boys were placed in an environment of abuse where the hierarchical structure did not safeguard children from physical and sexual abuse, and allowed those in positions of authority to turn their eyes from the assaults against vulnerable children in their care.
Porters Lawyers protects their clients’ interests by issuing proceedings in Court. This is also to ensure that the Commonwealth of Australia, through the Department of Defence, cannot ignore a survivor or their claims for meaningful compensation.
Fortunately, if you settled a claim with DART, it does not stop you receiving proper compensation from the Commonwealth.
If you, or someone you know, can assist in our investigations, please contact Porters Lawyers. We are happy to come to you - in many cases we have travelled to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, regional NSW, the USA, Europe and South East Asia to discuss a survivor’s legal rights.

If you are able to assist the victims or you have any further questions, please contact Porters Lawyers using the details below:
Mr Jason Parkinson, Principal
Porters Lawyers
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