Studiously predatory

The Australian

WHEN Paul John Lyons went into Queanbeyan police station at lunchtime on June, 10, 2000, he knew the game was up after 12 years as a teacher and pedophile at Daramalan College.

It was almost too easy for the young detective constable Tony Hinton; Lyons confessed fast and nonchalantly to the allegation against him.

Hinton: "Peters has complained you masturbated him. Is that what you're saying happened?"

Lyons: "Yep. Simply a hand wank, and that's what happened."

In the tape of the police interview heard by Inquirer, Hinton, clearly taken aback, coughed and paused for a long time before starting again from the beginning.

Lyons had just admitted to indecently assaulting a minor in 1989, a 15-year-old student who had been a member of one of the circles of Daramalan boys whom Lyons skilfully drew into his lair with the enticement of skeet-shooting, tutoring, alcohol and massages. "I would come home, would have helped someone with their homework, I think, and then probably started scratching," Lyons told Hinton in the interview.

Lyons said that after indecently assaulting Peters (not his real name), he tried to stop having sleep-over parties with boys at Daramalan, a Catholic school in Canberra.

"I know that after that incident, I know I have always been trying to avoid taking kids home, I felt so awful about what happened," he said.


Courtesy of News Corporation, The Australian, 2007

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