He was a serial paedophile who has many victims

Daily Mail - 14/02/2019

An elite Catholic boys school in Melbourne has been rocked by sexual abuse claims after eight former students claimed a brother assaulted them.
Jason Parkinson, of Porters Lawyers, told Newscorp he is investigating allegations of historic abuse by a man known as Brother Anselm at De La Salle College, Malvern between 1960 and 1989.
Mr Parkinson says that teachers raised concerns about Anselm, also known as Tom Hallam, at the time, but they were ignored by the brothers.
When the school could no longer turn a blind eye, he was subsequently moved to another school in Revesby, New South Wales.

Students at Revesby have also claimed they were assaulted by Anselm.
Anselm died in the 1990s as allegations about his conduct began to surface.
'He was a serial paedophile who has many victims,' Mr Parkinson said. 'The order knew he was a risk but they still allowed him access (to children).'
De La Salle Principal Peter Houlihan told Newscorp that up to eight former students have approached him about abuse by Brother Anselm at the school.
'We've unreservedly and wholeheartedly apologised … we just have to acknowledge this is a terribly shameful period in our history,' he said.
The De La Salle Brothers said in a statement they acknowledge abuse occurred and would 'work to provide some healing through counselling, apology and monetary compensation to those who have experienced abuse in any of our facilities.'
They encouraged anyone who experienced abuse to contact the police.
Mr Parkinson has also said anyone wanting to find more information on the case can visit the Porters Lawyers website.
Daily Mail Australia has contacted De La Salle College for comment. 





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