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Clergy/Church School Abuse

Porters Lawyers have acted on behalf of more than 700 men and women throughout Australia in sexual abuse cases against churches and other organisations.

The team at Porters Lawyers understand all facets of clergy sexual abuse cases, having advocated for and defended the rights of victims in numerous priest abuse cases.

We work tirelessly to explore our clients' legal options in a supportive and compassionate manner, with a view to getting you the meaningful compensation you deserve from an institution and calling to account those who are guilty of wrongdoing and cover ups.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of child sexual abuse by a priest, brother, nun or lay teacher from a church or church-run school, please contact Porters Lawyers. We are happy to come to you; in many cases we have travelled to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, regional NSW, the United States and Europe to see our clients.

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