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Porters Lawyers are a leading Canberra, Wollongong and Sydney rights-based law firm specialising in litigation for individuals.

With more than twenty years' experience, Porters Lawyers are a dedicated team of special counsel, senior associates, associates, solicitors and specialist para-legals committed to providing quality legal advice and service.

Porters Lawyers understands that the legal system may seem daunting and complex. Our role is to protect your best interests whilst guiding you through the legal process, explaining your options at each step of the way.

With clients all across Australia, we are always travelling and willing to see potential clients interstate.

Advertising Regulations:

Regulations prohibit us from advertising some areas of law in NSW or QLD, except to existing clients. To proceed to the requested service please choose one of the following options.


I am an existing client.

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I am NOT an existing client.

I live in NSW or QLD.

My enquiry is related to a compensation matter.

If you are unsure with your selection please do not hesitate to contact the team at Porters Lawyers.